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CTO-7 Series

CTO-7 Series

(CTO) Ceramic Transistor Outline Technology

CTO-7 mV Compensated, TO-8 Package, Sub PSI Range, Constant Current Sensor


- TO-8 Transistor Outline Package

- Temperature Compensated

- Low Pressure Ranges (1.0 PSI/ 10 / 20 inH20)

- Top, Bottom, Dual Tube Configurations

- Constant Current

- 0.35 % High Accuracy

- 1% Interchangeability

Great for .....

Pneumatic Controls

Pressure Scanners

Medical Optical Surgery

About the CTO-7

Advanced Sensor Ceramic TO Technology (CTO) 7 Series is a temperature compensated, mV output, PCB mounted pressure sensor packaged in a rugged Transistor Outline 8 pin (TO-8) package. The CTO-7 Series uses a dual bossed low pressure silicon MEMS pressure sensor mounted to a TO header with a separately soldered ceramic substrate that is uniquely laser trimmed and matched to each sensor. Available in gage and differential pressures and four different package configurations allow OEMs to optimize their board design. The CTO-7 series is powered with constant current and when configured as in the Application Note, the integrated gain set resistor will ensure sensor field interchangeability. Altogether, the CTO-7 series superior die performance, coupled with rugged ceramic substrate ensures long term stability with superior temperature performance over a wide operating range.




±0.10 %FSS


±0.40 %FSS (Over 1 Year)

Hysteresis & Repeatabillity

±0.05 %FSS (Typical)

2nd Order Offset or Sensitivity



-40 to 125 ̊C

Compensated Temperature

0 to 50 ̊C

Thermal Error, Offset

-0.5 to 0.5 %FSS

Thermal Error, Span

-0.5 to 0.5 %FSS



75-150 mV Full Scale Span (%FSS)


0.5 to 2.0 mA


-2 to 2 mV

Maximum Ratings


3 mA

Storage Temperature

-50 to 150C

Over Pressure

3x Range

Media Comptabilty

Non Corrosive Gases

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions

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