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(MCT) Multi Chip Technology

MCT-24HRD High Resolution Digital Output, 24Bit Resolution, I2C or SPI Sensor with 1% TEB High Accuracy, 8 Pin Dual In Line (DIP) Package


- High Resolution 24Bit Digital Output

- ASIC Compensation

- I2C or SPI Digital Protocols

- 1.0% Total Error Band (TEB)

- Dual In Line (DIP) Package

- Digital Temperature & Pressure Sensor

- Low Power Consumption

- 24bit Resolution

Great for .....

Blocked Filter

Room Pressure Control

Medical Instrumentation

About the MCT-24HRD

Advanced Sensors Multi Chip Technology (MCT) 24DHRD Series incorporates a bonded silicon gage to the latest mixed signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with a leading 24Bit High Resolution ADC (∑ ∆) specifically designed for medical, life science and avionic control industries. The MCT 24DHRD Series provides a 24bit digital pressure and 16 bit digital temperature output in SPI and I2C protocols. The advanced design requires no external calculation since a fully integrated digital signal processor (DSP) performs an error correction algorithm. The designs superior performance provides 1% Total Error across a wide temperature range of -10 to 85° Given these features and an advanced low power design; the MCT-24DHRD series is the ideal choice for OEM customers.



Total Error Band

±1.0 %FSS


24 bit ( ± 0x7FFFFF)

Update Time



2nd Order Offset or Sensitivity



-40 to 125 ̊C

Compensated Temperature

-10 to 85 ̊C

Thermal Error, Offset

±0.4 %FSS (Typical)

Thermal Error, Span

± 0.2 %FSS



Digital Output, 24 bits, ± 0x7FFFF cts


I2C or SPI


10% or 5% Cts (0xFFFFFF)

Full Scale Span

80% or 90% Cts (0xFFFFFF)

Maximum Ratings



Storage Temperature

-50 to 150C

Over Pressure

5x Range

Media Comptabilty

Non Corrosive Gases

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions

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