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Building Automation

Sensors for Building Automation

AdVanced Sensors offers a broad array of options for wall mounted building automation products.   Our newly designed DVAV 1000 series extends our reach into air duct measurements and damper control.    AVSensors extensive expertise in sensing and pressure and flow measurements gives you direct access to the latest technology for reliable performance, precision, affordability and simple installation.


HVAC-211 Series

HVAC Transmitter, Low Pressure, Block Filter Sensor, Flow Sensor

Advanced Sensors HVAC 211 Series Transmitter incorporates a rugged silicon MEMS pressure sensor that is designed to measure ultra-low differential pressures in a wall mounted package.  The two wire 4-20mA loop output is ideal for locations where the supply voltage can fluctuate.   A single LED identifies proper operation.


The HVAC 211 has front side pressure ports and simple screw terminal for electrical connections making fast and easy installations for the HVAC professional. 


The wall mounted package can be fastened using 4 screws in any orientation since the MEMS sensing element has minimal position sensitivity.

  • Wall Mounted Package

  • Ultra Low Pressure down to 62Pa

  • External Zero and Span potentiometers for improved performance

  • LED Power Illumination

  • Screw Terminals for easy installation

  • Minimal Position sensitivity

  • 4-20mA Output eliminates output changes by supply voltage or remote locations

  • 1/8 in. ID Pressure Ports

Common Applications
  • Filter Status

  • Duct Static Pressure

  • Fan and Blower Pressure

  • Paint Booths

  • Dust Collectors

  • Glove Box Pressure

  • Bubbler Systems

  • Cabinet Purging

DVAV 1000

DVAV-1000 Overview.PNG

Advanced Sensors Digital Variable Air Volume (VAV) sensor contains an integrated Auto Zero function that deliver the ultimate stability in air duct air flow measurement.  Within the transducer base is a high output 1inH2o Silicon MEMS sensor coupled with a solenoid bobbin that shunts the pressure ports when energized allowing the end user to zero the output to assure the highest stability in VAV measurement.   The integrated pressure hosing is UL94V rated and allows for easily installation into air damper systems. 

  • High Stability, High Signal Output with Silicon MEMS Sensor

  • Auto Zero with integrated Solenoid Bobbin

  • Minimal Position sensitivity

  • UL94V rated pressure port hosing

  • 1/8 in. ID Pressure Ports

Common Applications
  • Variable Air Volume

  • Duct Air Flow Measurement

  • Sensor Filter Status

  • Duct Static Pressure

CP 110 Series

CP110 Product Image.PNG

 Advanced Sensors Compact Pressure (CP) Series Transmitter Display is a differential pressure transmitter that incorporates a user configurable display and wide TFT screen.    The devices internal auto calibration valve ensure the highest stability at low pressure values.  With an ABS VO housing, barbed hosing connections and cable gland connector the rugged device can meet the most demanding IP65 environments.  

  • Solenoid valve for auto-calibration

  • Relay output, alarm pressure level configurable

  • High Accuracy

  • Ranges from 25 Pa to 300psi

  • Low Overall Errors, 1%TEB

  • Flexible Electrical Outputs

  • 0-5 V, 0-10 V, RS485 or  4-20 mA output

  • WIFI configurable with local server for remote monitoring.

  • ABS V0 housing, IP65, with or without display

Common Applications
  • Clean room

  • Pharmaceutical Laboratory

  • Surgical Room

  • Ambulatory Instrumentation

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