TE Connectivity

12x0 Series

8 Pin , 0.600 Wide DIP, Constant Current or Constant Voltage, mV Compensated

Part Number Series

1210A-xxx G-1,3

1220A-xxx G-1,3

CHT-2  / CHT-3

13,23,33,43 TO Series

TO-8 Package Sensor available in Gage, Differential and Back Side Gage

Part Number Series

13 xxxx A,G     23 xxxx A,G 

33 xxxx D      43 xxxx A,G

CTO 7 /8 Series

45x5   45x5DO   Series

45x5 Series, High Level Analog Output & Digital Output SPI and I2C protocol.   Thru Hole and J Lead pins, Many Port Styles

Part Number Series

45x5         yy xxx 

45x5DO   yy xxx 


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