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Design Services

Design Services

Development Costs & Expertise

The rapid acquisition of pioneering sensor companies to multinationals gave rise to high startup costs for sensor development.  AdVanced Sensors restores low cost development with the confidence and ability to produce any pressure sensor design on ceramic, PCB or metal substrates. AVSensors has the technical expertise to develop custom products for any pressure sensor application with products that service the HVAC/R, medical, process industrial, and consumer markets. 

Sensor Replication

AVsensors can reproduce pressure sensors from nearly all sensor companies with extremely low start up costs.  Our Team has developed many  sensor that are pin for pin compatible to those offered by Amphenol, Nova Sensors, TE Connectivity, Measurement Speciialties, Silicon Microstructures and Honeywell products. 

Technical Contact

Tell us about your need for a sensor solution.  We guarantee a response within 24 hrs.

AV Sensors Design Services, FEA Stress Displacement Plots
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