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GBMCT-6D Series

GBMCT-6D Series

(MCT) Multi Chip Technology

Heavy Industrial, Glass Bonded Silicon Sense Element with Digital I2C and SPI Outputs for Corrosive Gases & Liquids


- Heavy Industrial Sensor designed for corrosive gases & liquids

- Reverse & Over Voltage Protection

- Digital Transmitter , Digital Transducer

- Wide Temperature Range

- Pressure up to 500psi

- High Accuracy, Low Thermal Errors, 1% TEB

-17-4 Machine Header, Single Piece Construction

- High Accuracy, Low Thermal Errors, 1% TEB

Great for .....

Industrial Process Control

Agriculture Equipment

Pumps & Compressor Process Monitoring

About the GBMCT-6D

Advanced Sensors Glass Bond Multi Chip Technology (GBMCT) 6D Series incorporates the latest mixed signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with a glass bonded silicon gage to provide a leading Digital Output design for Industrial Transducers. The GBMCT 6D Series provides a 14bit digital pressure and 11 bit digital temperature output offered in SPI and I2C protocols. The rugged design is compatible with a wide range of harsh media including refrigerants, compressed air, and hydraulic fluids. The designs superior performance provides 1% Total Error across a wide temperature range of -20 to 85°C and overall error of less than 2.5% over -40 to 125C. The flexible design incorporates many process fitting and connector types making it the ideal choice for OEM customers.




±0.25 %FSS (Over 1 Year)


> 10Million

Pressure Cycles

> 10Million

Fast Response

0.5 ms Update Rate


Operating Temperature

-40 to 125 ̊C

Compensated Temperature

-20 to 85 ̊C

Thermal Error, Offset

±0.4 %FSS (Typical)

Thermal Error, Span

± 0.2 %FSS (Typical)



I2C or SPI


10% or 5% Cts (16384)

Full Scale Span

80% or 90% Cts (16384)



Maximum Ratings


16 Vdc

Storage Temperature

-50 to 150C

Over Pressure

3x Range

Media Compatability

Corrosive Gases and Liquids compatible with 17-4 SS

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions


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