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AV Sensors

Applications for AV Sensors  Pressure Sensor Products

AV Sensors, Pressure Application Illustration

Sensor Applications

Every sensor application requires that critical design requirements are judged and evaluated so that the best sensor technology, product materials, and pressure ports features can be designed to meet the customers application.  

Additional considerations as to the electrical output type (mV/High Level Analog/Digital Output), product linearity/accuracy, and overall system response must be considered for the product to be successful in the market.  

AV Sensors has partnered with many customers in aerospace, consumer, industrial, and medical industries in providing sensor products that make them successful.


Pressure Applications

Typical Application for measuring flow, static pressure and temperatures

  • Building Automation

  • Medical Instrumentation

  • Life Science Instrumentation

  • Process Industrial Flow & Static Pressures

  • Avionics Systems

  • In Room Monitoring

  • Medical Therapies

  • Block Filter 

Maintaining a healthy and safe environment is crucial in any building. AV Sensors' pressure sensors facilitate real-time monitoring of air and fluid pressure, helping to manage ventilation, airflow, and filtration systems to ensure indoor air quality and occupant well-being.

Our pressure sensors play a vital role in optimizing Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. By accurately monitoring air and fluid pressure, our sensors enable smart HVAC controls that ensure optimal indoor comfort while maximizing energy efficiency.


AV Sensors' pressure sensors play a pivotal role in patient monitoring, providing real-time pressure data for applications such as intracranial pressure monitoring, respiratory monitoring, and invasive blood pressure measurements. These precise measurements assist medical professionals in making informed decisions and providing optimal patient care.

In surgical environments, precision is paramount. Our pressure sensors contribute to minimally invasive surgical procedures, guiding surgeons with accurate pressure feedback during laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries. This enhances surgical outcomes, reduces complications, and accelerates patient recovery.

From CPAP machines to infusion pumps, AV Sensors' pressure sensors enable the accurate delivery of therapies and medications. Our sensors ensure consistent pressure control, enhancing the efficacy and safety of treatments for patients with respiratory disorders, cardiovascular conditions, and more


AV Sensors' pressure sensors are essential tools in laboratory environments. They provide precise pressure measurements for a wide range of applications, including cell culture, fluid dynamics, and material testing. Our sensors empower researchers to obtain accurate data, contributing to the advancement of scientific knowledge.

In bioprocessing and biotechnology applications, AV Sensors' pressure sensors play a crucial role in monitoring and controlling pressure during fermentation, cell culture, and purification processes. Accurate pressure sensing ensures consistent product quality and yield.

Whether it's chromatography systems, mass spectrometers, or other precision instruments, AV Sensors' pressure sensors enable accurate measurements for critical analytical processes. Our sensors contribute to the reliability and precision of data analysis and instrument calibration.

AV Sensor Medical Aplications
AV Sensors Life Science Instrumentation Applications
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