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AV Sensors

Applications for AVSensors  Pressure Sensor Products

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Sensor Applications

Every sensor application requires that critical design requirements are judged and evaluated so that the best sensor technology, product materials, and pressure ports features can be designed to meet the customers application.  

Additional considerations as to the electrical output type (mV/High Level Analog/Digital Output), product linearity/accuracy, and overall system response must be considered for the product to be successful in the market.  

AVSensors has partnered with many customers in aerospace, consumer, industrial, and medical industries in providing sensor products that make them successful.


Pressure Applications

Typical Application for measuring flow, static pressure and temperatures

  • Building Automation

  • Medical Instrumentation

  • Life Science Instrumentation

  • Process Industrial Flow & Static Pressures

  • Avionics Systems

  • In Room Monitoring

  • Medical Therapies

  • Block Filter 


Variable Air Volume, Blocked Filter Detection, Flow, Cean Room, Delta P Measurments

DVAV-1000, HVAC 211, CP110 Series

DVAV 1000

  • High stability featuring a solenoid auto zero feature

  • UL 94V rated pressure ports

  • 12Vdc Solenoid Bobbin

  • High Output 1 inH20 sensor


Gas Chromatograph, Cell Culture Incubators,  Organ Perfusion

CHT-2, MCT-4D, CTO-7 Series


  • 1% Interchangeability

  • Temperature Compensated

  • Vertical Tubes

  • Pins Up Configuration to facilitate manifolds can be aligned and mounted to PCB

  • High Accuracy <0.1%

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