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Product Resources

AV Sensors Resources

Understanding our Products

AV Sensors believes in supporting our customers with resource information that allows them to make the best sensor choice for their application.  No matter your needs, AV Sensor will provide many options to educate and understand our products through the use of our comprehensive Product Catalog and Application Notes that allows you to advance your performance over your competitors.   The resources section is the targeted location for us to meet this commitment. 

AV Sensors is not only a manufacturer of sensor products - we are a global team of experts in the field of sensor technology offering our skills and experience as development partners for customers. We offer extensive service when it comes to advanced application needs or the development of a new product design.

Custom Pressure Design

Our technology relies on US and European sense elements made to highest performance.  Our many US based product designs integrated with advances signal conditioning and advanced adhesives and gel allows product that can be based within may applications.  Our advanced manufacturing dispensers, wire bonders and welding tools from ASIA and Europe allow critical to quality factors to be closely controlled.  

Si MEMS Back Side Etch Wafer

We offer applications notes to ensure fast integrations of our systems into your products.  These start with legacy mV and raw sensor products through our most advanced 24bit Digital I2C and SPI sensors.   This section is constantly being updated to include our newer products and unique applications.  

AV Sensors Application Notes

The product catalogue allows the user to review the wide breadth of AV Sensors product family.   

Select Guides allow our customers to target quickly the product that meet their immediate needs.   This a good place to start when a basic sensor type and footprint is known.   

2022 AV Sensors Product Catalog

Selector Guides allow our customers to target quickly the product that meet their immediate needs.   These guides aggregate product characteristics and places them all  in a few pages.  This a great place to start when the designer has identified their output type and port configuration.  

AV Sensors Product Selector Guide
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