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Oil Filled Pressure Sensors


Media Isolated Sensors

A media isolated pressure sensor  uses an inert silicon oil as the transfer fluid when pressure is applied to the corrugated diaphragm.  The design isolates the corrosive gas or liquid from the MEMS sense element and allows for a variety of process connectors.   The hermetic welded design and minimal oil volumes ensure as sensor that is low in thermal errors and extremely linear with pressure with ranges from 2psi to 3000psi in gage, vacuum, absolute and sealed gage configurations. 

Product Features

Capabilities of AV Sensors Media Isolated Sensors

  • Threaded,  Weldable and O-Ring Process Fittings

  • Monitor of Corrosives Liquids/Gases compatible with 316L

  • Pressure Ranges 2 to 3000 psi 

  • mV Output, Analog Voltage, and Digital Output

  • MEMS Piezo Resistive Sense Element

  • Hischmann, M12, Bendix Connectors Available

  • 14bit & 24bit Digital Resolutions

  • I2C and SPI Digital Protocols