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Building Automation Applications

AV Sensors

Building Automation Sensors

AV Sensors Building Automation Sensors

Sensors for Building Automation

AV Sensors offers a broad array of options for wall mounted building automation products.  Our newly designed DVAV 1000 series extends our reach into air duct measurements and damper control.  AVSensors extensive expertise in sensing, pressure and flow measurements gives you direct access to the latest technology for reliable performance, precision, affordability and simple installation.


Building Automation Sensor Applications

Ambulatory Negative Pressure Sensor

In ambulatory room monitoring, the primary sensing instrument is a low- ranged differential pressure sensor. In these applications, the ventilation system is focused on ....

Fire Suppression Sensors

In Fire Suppression systems, once a fire is detected, fans are energized creating positive pressurization in the stairwell and negative pressure in exhaust shafts ....

Blocked Filter Sensor

In the last few years, an increasing shift from preventive to condition-based maintenance (CBM) has taken place in the manufacturing industry. Sensors observe the state .......

Variable Air Volume (VAV) Sensors

Pressure sensors are used in VAV systems to monitor the static pressure and ensure the damper in each control box modulates to vary the flow of air supplied to its zone ....

Damper Control Sensors

Differential pressures can control the volume of air that flows through your HVAC system by providing measurements to control the damper position in a closed-control ...

Room Monitor Sensor

Pressure sensors play a key role in room pressure monitors that are used in "critical spaces" where contamination must be avoided. Critical spaces include hospital rooms, isolation rooms, operating rooms, clean rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing areas, and data centers ....

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