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TE Connectivity (Measurement Specialties)

AV Sensors

Product Crosses for TE Connectivity and Measurement Specialties

AV Sensors Cross Reference, Illustration

Product Cross Reference

At AV Sensors, we understand the importance of finding compatible or alternative solutions when it comes to reducing lead times improving quality or achieving higher value for your  pressure sensors.

Our replacement solutions for MS 1210 and 1220, Model 13, 23, 33, 43 Transistor Outline, and 4525 and 4515 as well as 4515DO and 4525DO series  provide a cost-effective and reliable path to modernizing your systems.


AV Sensors Comparable Sensors: If TE Connectivity has been your go-to brand for pressure sensors, AV Sensors offers comparable sensors that deliver similar or superior performance. Our compatible sensors are designed to provide seamless integration and reliability, ensuring your applications run smoothly.

Specialized Solutions: We offer specialized pressure sensors for unique applications and industries. Whether you need high-precision sensors for aerospace applications or rugged sensors for industrial use, we have alternatives that meet TE Connectivity's high-quality standards.

Here's a closer look at our offerings:​

TE Connectivity (Measurement Specialties)

CHT-2 Pressure Sensor Drop in for TE Connectivity MS12x0

12x0 Series

8 Pin , 0.600 Wide DIP, Constant Current or Constant Voltage, mV Compensated

Part Number Series

1210A-xxx G-1,3

1220A-xxx G-1,3


CHT-2  / CHT-3

CTO-7 Pressure Sensor Drop in for TE Connectivity Model 13,23,33,43

13,23,33,43 TO Series

TO-8 Package Sensor available in Gage, Differential and Back Side Gage

Part Number Series

13 xxxx A,G     23 xxxx A,G 

33 xxxx D      43 xxxx A,G


CTO 7 /8 Series

MCT-4A Pressure Sensor Drop in for TE Connectivity MS 45x5 DO

45x5   45x5DO   Series

45x5 Series, High Level Analog Output & Digital Output SPI and I2C protocol.   Thru Hole and J Lead pins, Many Port Styles

Part Number Series

45x5         yy xxx 

45x5DO   yy xxx 



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