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Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor

AV Sensors

Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor

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AVSensors Disposable Medical Sensors

Disposable Medical Pressure Sensor

AAMI BP-22 Standard

AV Sensors Disposable Medical Pressure Transducer contains a piezo resistive sensor element that delivers a high level mV output in a low cost, small footprint, leadless castellation package that can be used in disposable medical applications. The medical device is designed and calibrated per the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI BP-22 Standard) guidelines. 


The product line is further enhanced with custom male and female luer housings, a variety of standard connectors, stop cocks, and flush devices that augment our Patient Monitoring Kits for intracranial, intravascular, or  intrauterine pressure monitoring.  


AAMI BP-22 Specification.PNG

Product Features

Capabilities of AV Sensors Blood Pressure Sensors

  • Intravascular, intracranial, or intrauterine pressure monitoring

  • mV Output, 5.0 uV/V/mmHg Sensitivity

  • Fully Tested, 300mmHg Full Scale

  • AAMI BP-22 Sensor Compliant

  • Housing luer fittings, flush devices, and stopcocks components

  • Single Use Medical Sensor 

  • Full Visibility to Entire Flow Path

  • Blood Pressure Sensor

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