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AV Sensors

Sensor Technology


The Power of Technology, Expertise, and Support

AV Sensors products  represents a focus forward in precision and reliability. Sourced from leading North American and European foundries, our sensors are built on a foundation of quality, while advanced assembly techniques and premium materials ensure unmatched performance and longevity. With a US-based design team constantly driving innovation and a responsive support team ready to assist, we offer tailored solutions for unique applications.  

MEMS Pressure Sensor Wafer

US Based Product Design

US Product Design start with advanced silicone elastomers and gels that are combined with the latest temperature compensating methods or mixed signal ASICs  to create an advanced design that has the flexibility to change with our customers demands.   Advanced 3D CAD tools along with design simulation ensure our products conform to IEC & JEDEC product standards that are necessary for your business.

Sense Element Design

Silicon Valley MEMS (micro electro mechanical system) Sensor Designs are manufactured in 150mm foundries in NA and Europe and 100% electrically tested to deliver the highest performance on the smallest silicon footprint.

Asia Manufacturing and Support that deliver product quickly to customers in China, Singapore, and Korea.  Our manufacturing facility uses the most advanced and reliable die and wire bonders from K&S  and ASM that can keep critical to quality (CTQ) process under SPC (statistical process control) control.  The class 10,000 clean room is equipped with ESD mats and operators ESD wrist straps at all work stations.   DFM product design married with lean manufacturing concepts ensure product is built right and delivered on time.

Asia Manufacturing & Support

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