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Industrial Sensors

AV Sensors

Glass Fused Sensors for Corrosive Environments

AVSensors Rugged Industrial  Sensors

Rugged Industrial Sensors

Industrial Pressure Sensors are designed to measure pressure, flow and temperature of corrosives and ionic gases used in compressors, refrigeration or process control instrumentation.  With a one piece port construction and silicon gages glass bonded to a machined diaphragm these sensors offer the highest protection again corrosive environments. 

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Product Features

Capabilities of AV Sensors Glass Bonded Sensors

  • Glass Fused & Glass Bonded Technology

  • Sensor designed for Corrosive Environments

  • Weld Free Design

  • High Accuracy & Low Thermal Errors

  • Hischmann, Packard, DiIN Connections

  • Pressure Ranges 125PSI to 10K PSI

  • NPT, BSP, Thread Ports Available

  • 4-20mA Transmitter, Loop Power

  • Analog Voltage, Current Output

  • Ratiometric 0.50 to 4.5 Sensor

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