Air Flow Sensors

Air Flow Sensors

AdVanced Sensors  has designed these Mass Air Flow Sensors from the ground up, incorporating the latest MEMS and microelectronics innovations. The sensor die uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow, delivering ultra-low noise to signal, and unsurpassed repeatability. The “solid state” thermal isolation on the sensor die eliminates the need for a surface cavity or a fragile membrane, making the sensor resistant to clogging (from water vapor or dust particles) and pressure shock. The sensor’s signal conditioning circuitry leverages an off-the-shelf microcontroller, providing proven reliability and low cost.

AWM Series

Thermopile Sensor Technology

Regulated High Output Voltage

Temperature Calibrated

AWM-7  Series
AWM 7 Mass Aiur Flow Sensor.PNG

Advanced Sensors AWM 7 series of Mass Air Flow Sensors offer pin compatible upgrade solutions to the popular AWM7000 series. Using the robust Advanced Sensors Thermal Flow Sensor Die, and incorporating the latest microcontroller technology, AWM7 offers drastically improved interchangeability (< 2% full scale), temperature stability (< 3% full scale from 0°C to +50°C), and resistance to adverse environmental factors such as dust particles and water vapor that have plagued the AWM7000.