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Sensor Types

AdVanced Sensors Board Mounted Pressure products are designed to the stringiest requirements for scientific and life science instrumentation.  Their rugged construction is ideal for process and vacuum instrumentation as well.  With mV, high level voltage, and digital output configuration an ideal solution is easily found.  

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AdVanced Sensors Industrial Stainless Steel Pressure Sensors incorporate a thin metal diaphragm and synthetic transfer fluid to obtain the highest stability and accuracy for corrosive gases and fluids.  With media compatible 316L these media isolated sensors can be used to pressure, flow and temperature of corrosives and ionic gases .   

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​AdVanced Sensors have many sensors that replace discontinued pressure sensors from Amphenol, Nova Sensors, TE Connectivity, Measurement Specialties, Silicon Microstructures and Honeywell products. Same Technology and Signal Conditioning, Expanded Options, Pin to Pin Compatibility, 

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AdVanced Sensors  Disposable  Medical Pressure Transducer contains a piezo resistive sensor element that delivers a high level  mV output in a low cost, small footprint, leadless castellation package  that can be used in disposable medical applications. The medical device is designed and calibrated per the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI BP-22 Standard) guidelines. 


The product line is further enhanced with custom male and female luer housings, a variety of standard connectors, stop cocks, and flush devices that augment our Patient Monitoring Kits for intracranial, intravascular, or  intrauterine pressure monitoring.  

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AdVanced Sensors  series of liquid level sensor is a device that is used to detect the level of a liquid within a container or tank. It can be used to measure the level of a variety of different liquids, including water and slightly corrosive liquids when using a trapped air column. The sensor works by sending a signal or measuring a physical characteristic of the liquid, such as its height or density, and converting this information into a electrical signal either analog voltage or 14bit digital output.  Liquid level sensors are commonly used in a variety of applications, including industrial processes, automotive systems, and home appliances. They can be used to control the flow of liquids, ensure safety levels are maintained, and monitor the level of fluids for inventory management and process control purposes.

Liquid Level Height Sensor

AdVanced Sensors  offers a broad array of options for wall mounted building automation products.   Wall Mounted Transmitters are highly visible, ultra low in pressure that are generally mounted inside a room to remotely monitor or provide the occupants or technician feedback on the controlled environment.   

AVSensors extensive expertise in sensing and pressure and flow measurements gives you direct access to the latest technology for reliable performance, precision, affordability and simple installation.  

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AdVanced Sensors have many  sensor that are pin for pin compatible to those offered by Amphenol, Nova Sensors, TE Connectivity, Measurement Specialties, Silicon Microstructures and Honeywell products.   If you are looking for improved pricing, delivery, or direct access to development engineers, this is you starting point.  

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AdVanced Sensors Industrial Pressure Sensors are designed to measure pressure, flow and temperature of corrosives and ionic gases used in compressors, refrigeration or process control instrumentation.  With a one piece port construction and silicon gages bonded to a machined diaphragm these sensor offer the highest protection again corrosive environments.  

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