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Medical Pressure Sensors

AV Sensors

Medical Pressure Sensors

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Sensor Products for Patient
Monitoring and Surgical Instrumentation & Therapy

AV Sensors Board Mounted Pressure products are designed to the stringiest requirements for medical  and surgical instrumentation.  Their design construction use the highest resolution ASICs, the fastest conversion times along with safety critical diagnostic features that put them at the fore front of new designs.   With legacy mV and high level voltage outputs as well as the newest 24 bit and 16 bit digital output configurations an ideal solution is easily found. 

Our extensive expertise in sensing and sensors gives you direct access to the latest technology for the highest performance, precision, safety critical diagnostic features embedded into the sensor assembly.  


Medical Sensor Applications

CPAP Sensors

Pressure sensors play a critical role in CPAP machines by monitoring the flow of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP ). This light air pressure from a CPAP machine help .......

Cataract Surgery Sensors

As the natural lens of the eye develops an opacification, also known as a cataract, it can cause impairment or loss of vision. Our pressure sensor technology helps ...

Negative Pressure Wound Sensors

Vacuum Sensors are key in negative pressure wound therapy pumps that remove fluids such as blood and infectious materials by applying negative pressure on a sealed ....

Organ Perfusion Sensors

The addition of a pressure sensor to monitoring the pressure of the perfusion fluid has aided in the fundamental success of organ preservation. In these crucial applications ....

Oxygen Concentrators Sensors

COPD (COPD) is a slowly progressive disease that is characterized by a decrease in the ability of the lungs to maintain the body's oxygen supply and remove carbon ...

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Ventilators Sensors

Pressure sensors are used in medical ventilators to move a mixture of air and oxygen into and out of the patient’s lungs. In its simplest form, a modern positive pressure ventilator consists ....

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Vitreoretinal Surgery Sensors

Pressure sensors designed for measuring blood pressure are used for treating Vitreoretinal diseases that affect structures in the eye called the retina and the vitreous. The retina is ...

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