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Board Mount Sensors

AV Sensors

PCB Mount Pressure Sensors

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AVSensors Board Mount Sensors

Board Mount Sensors

Board Mount pressure sensors are typically soldered  onto a printed circuit board (PCB) and integrated into an electronic assembly with the addition of pneumatic plumbing to measure gage, differential and absolute pressures.  


AVSensors offers a wide range of board mounted sensor platforms supporting mV output,  analog output and digital outputs in TO-8, SOIC, and DIP packages.   Within each platform is a large variety of package footprint configured in top port, side port, barbed and smooth tube configurations allowing  simple and low cost interconnects with plastic tubing.     

Product Features

Capabilities of AV Sensors Board Mount Sensors

  • TO-8, 0.600 DIP, SOIC-16 Package Styles

  • Top & Side Port Barbed Ports

  • mV Output, Analog Voltage, and Digital Output

  • High Accuracy & Low Thermal Errors

  • Thru Hole, SMD, LCC and Gull Wing Pin Styles

  • Pressure Ranges 125Pa to 10 Bar

  • Small Package, Low Cost, OEM Sensors

  • Dual Output / Temperature & Pressure

  • I2C and SPI Digital Protocols

  • MEMS Piezo Resistive Sense Element

  • 14bit, 16bit, and 24bit Digital Resolutions

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