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Custom Pressure Sensor Design Services

AV Sensors

Custom Pressure Sensor Design Services

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The Need for Custom Products

Pressure sensors are integral components used to measure and monitor pressure changes in a wide range of applications. However, off-the-shelf sensors may not always meet the specific demands of a particular industry or project. Custom pressure sensor design bridges this gap by offering solutions that are tailored to the precise needs of the customer.. 

Custom Pressure Sensor Design Services

AV Sensors restores low cost development with the confidence and ability to produce any pressure sensor design on ceramic, PCB or metal substrates. AVSensors has the technical expertise to develop custom products for any pressure sensor application with products that service the HVAC/R, medical, process industrial, and consumer markets.   

AV Sensors is not only a manufacturer of sensor products - we are a global team of experts in the field of sensor technology offering our skills and experience as development partners for customers. We offer extensive service when it comes to advanced application needs or the development of a new product design.  

FEA of Glass Bonded Gage Sensor

A modified or derivative of a standard product is common within our industry.   If you need a unique pressure range, port configuration, pin style or electrical connector, we are here to help and understand that new applications require unique solutions.

Understand sensors made by AV Sensors are proven to be reliable and cost effective, evident by our repeat customers. Our versatile technological portfolio covers different substrate material choices.  Our broad use of mixed signal analog and high resolution digital ASICs along with legacy  thick-film technologies allow us to offer a large variety of solutions to our customers.

Sensor Replication or Replacement 

AV Sensors can reproduce pressure sensors from nearly all sensor companies with extremely low start up costs.  Our Team has developed many  sensor that are pin for pin compatible to those offered by Amphenol, Nova Sensors, TE Connectivity, NXP (Motorola), Measurement Specialties, Silicon Microstructures and Honeywell products. 

Technical Contact

Tell us about your need for a sensor solution.  We guarantee a response within 24 hrs.

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