IPVB-8 Series

IPVB-8 Series

(CTO) Ceramic Transistor Outline Technology

IPVB-8 mV Compensated, Barbed TO-8 Package, Constant Current


- TO-8 Transistor Outline Package

- Top Tube and Barb Ports

-Barbed Pressure Port

- 0.1% High Accuracy

- 1% Interchangeability

- Temperature Compensated

Great for .....

Pneumatic Controls

Pressure Scanners

Medical Optical Surgery

About the IPVB-8

Advanced Sensor IPVB 8000 Series incorporates a rugged silicon MEMS pressure sensor that is designed to measure gauge or absolute pressures in a rugged TO package with integrated vertical barb port. The sensor allows for simple pressure connection to plastic hosing with 3/32” ID tubing. The MEMS pressure sensor offers a linear mV output with high over range capabilities. The sensor is ideal for many pressure applications where non ionic and non corrosives gases are measured.





±0.10 %FSS


±0.40 %FSS (Over 1 Year)

Hysteresis & Repeatabillity

±0.05 %FSS (Typical)


Operating Temperature

-40 to 125 ̊C

Compensated Temperature

0 to 50 ̊C

Thermal Error, Offset

-0.5 to 0.5 %FSS

Thermal Error, Span

-0.5 to 0.5 %FSS



75-150 mV Full Scale Span (%FSS)


0.5 to 2.0 mA


-2 to 2 mV

Maximum Ratings


3 mA

Storage Temperature

-50 to 150C

Over Pressure

3x Range

Media Comptabilty

Non Corrosive Gases

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions

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