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(MCT) Multi Chip Technology

MCT-SM9333 Digital Output, Ultra Low Pressure 125 & 250 Pa Ranges , I2C or SPI Sensor with High Accuracy, SOIC-16 Sensor


-Digital Output

- ASIC Compensation

- I2C or SPI Digital Protocols

- 3% Total Error Band (TEB)

- Pa Ranged Pressure

- Digital Temperature & Pressure Sensor

- Low Power Consumption

- 14bit Resolution

Great for .....

Blocked Filter

Room Pressure Control

Fan Control

About the MCT-SM9333D

Advanced Sensors Multi Chip Technology (MCT) SM9333 Series incorporates the latest mixed signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with an ultra low pressure, Pascal Ranged, RTV bonded silicon gage to provide a leading Digital Output design for medical, life science and building automation industries in a small SOIC-16 package. The MCTSM9333 Series provides a 14bit digital pressure and 11 bit digital temperature output in SPI and I2C protocols. The design's superior performance provides 1% Total Error across a wide temperature range of -10 to 60°C while the ASIC’s advanced design sets safety critical operations at the forefront with internal error checking of the sensor’s input and output lines. Given these features and an available lower power option, the MCT-SM9333 series is the ideal choice for OEM customers.



Total Error Band

±3.0 %FSS


14 bit (0 to 16383)

Update Time



2nd Order Offset or Sensitivity



-20 to 85 ̊C

Compensated Temperature

-10 to 60 ̊C

Thermal Error, Offset

±0.8 %FSS (Typical)

Thermal Error, Span

± 0.6 %FSS



Digital Output, 16 bits, 0 to 16384 cts


I2C or SPI


10% or 5% Cts (16384)

Full Scale Span

80% or 90% Cts (16384)

Maximum Ratings



Storage Temperature

-40 to 125C

Over Pressure

5x Range

Media Comptabilty

Non Corrosive Gases

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions

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