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Blocked Filter Sensor

Pressure Sensors for Blocked Filter Detection

In the last few years, an increasing shift from preventive to condition-based maintenance (CBM) has taken place in the manufacturing industry. Sensors observe the state of different parts and maintenance is only performed when certain indicators show signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure. This trend will help the filter industry to introduce and commercialize new filter monitoring technologies.

Blocked Filter Sensor

Sensor Functions & Design Criteria

-Low Differential Pressures ~10 to -38Pa
-Wall Mounted Sensors with Integrated Ports
-Integrated Zero and Full Scale Potentiometers
-Terminal Block Screw Terminals for Electrical Connections

Differential Pressure Sensor , Wall Mounted
Differential Pressure Sensor , Digital PCB Mounted

-Low Differential Pressures ~0 to 4inH20
-Digital Output, I2C Protocol
-SOIC 16 Top Ported Plastic Ports

Compatible Sensor for Blocked Filter Sensor

SM95D Series

SM58D Series

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