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Fire Suppression Sensors

Pressure Sensors in Fire Suppression Application

In Fire Suppression systems, once a fire is detected, fans are energized creating positive pressurization in the stairwell and negative pressure in exhaust shafts to pull smoke out of the area of fire origin. Both the positive and negative pressures are controlled by variable speed fans and are fed signals from differential pressure sensors that are located within the stairwell and exhaust shaft

Fire Suppression Sensors

Sensor Functions & Design Criteria

-Low Differential Pressures ~0 to 4inH20
-Fully Analog mV Signal
-Top Ported Pressure Ports

Differential Pressure Sensor , PCB Mounted
Differential Pressure Sensor , Digital PCB Mounted

-Low Differential Pressures ~0 to 4inH20
-Digital Output, I2C Protocol
-SOIC 16 Top Ported Plastic Ports

Compatible Sensor for Fire Suppression Systems

SM95D Series

CHT-2 Series

SM58D Series

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