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DPT-4PM Series

DPT-4PM Series

Patient Monitoring Kits

Medical Patient Monitoring Kit for Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring


- Medical Grade Polycarbonate Body

- Full Visibility of Flow Path

- Wide selection of Stopcocks

- Safe Priming & Dububbling

-Integrated Flush Device

- Single Hand Operation of Flush Device

- Male & Female Luer Housing

- AAMI Compliant

Great for .....

Continuous arterial or veinuous blood pressure

Intracranial or Intrauterine pressure monitoring

Organ Preservation Perfusion

About the DPT-4PM

Advanced Sensors pressure monitoring kit with disposable pressure transducer is for use on patients requiring intravascular, intracranial, or intrauterine pressure monitoring. The medical pressure transducer is designed to provide clinicians the confidence and safety needed in patient monitoring. The product is extremely flexible for medical OEMs where housing luer fittings, flush devices, and stopcocks components can be varied dependent on the application. These medical sets are designed to simplify setup and give full visibility of the entire flow path. The foundational sensor is anchored by AVSensors DPT 620 medical MEMS element that is fully tested and individually calibrated. The DPT-4AM Series provide patient and clinicians the highest value in safety and performance.




±1 mmHg

Offset Drift

< 1mmHg


4.95 to 5.05 V/VmmHg

Shelf Life

5 years


Operating Temperature

10 to 40 ̊C

Thermal Shift, Offset

< 0.3mmHg

Thermal Shift, Span

< 0.1 mmHg



4.95 to 5.05 uV/V/mmHg


1-10 Vdc


-20 to 20 mmHg

Calibrated Output

97.5 to 102.5 mmHg

Maximum Ratings


> 125 psi

Storage Temperature

-25 to 75C

Operating Life

168 Hrs

ETo Sterlization

3X cycles

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions


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