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DPT 620 Series

DPT 620 Series

AAMI BP-22 Compliant

Disposable Blood Pressure Sensor, AAMI Compliant to BP22 Standard Sensor


- Medical Grade Polycarbonate Body

- Fixed Sensitivity

- Wide & Narrow Ports

- 100% Individually Tested & Calibrated

- Single Use

- Tubes & Face Seal Port Styles

- Integrated Self Test

- Wide Selection of Pad Configurations

Great for .....

Patient Monitoring, Surgical Procedures

Intracranial pressure monitoring

Organ Preservation Perfusion

About the DPT-620

Advanced Sensors Disposable Blood Pressure Transducer (DPT) 620 series contains a piezo resistive sensor element that delivers a high level mV output in a low cost, small footprint, leadless castellation package that can be used in disposable medical applications. Each sensor is 100% calibrated and tested at the factory to ensure a high level of confidence and safety for medical OEMs. Device is designed and calibrated per the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI BP-22 Standard) guidelines.




±1 mmHg

Offset Drift

< 1mmHg


4.95 to 5.05 V/VmmHg

Shelf Life

5 years


Operating Temperature

10 to 40 ̊C

Thermal Shift, Offset

< 0.3mmHg

Thermal Shift, Span

< 0.1 mmHg



4.95 to 5.05 uV/V/mmHg


1-10 Vdc


-20 to 20 mmHg

Calibrated Output

97.5 to 102.5 mmHg

Maximum Ratings


> 125 psi

Storage Temperature

-25 to 75C

Operating Life

168 Hrs

ETo Sterlization

3X cycles

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions


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