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About the DPG-2

Advanced Sensors DPG-2 Series industrial Digital Pressure Gauge is the ideal selection for use with corrosive and demanding industrial pressure sensing applications. Made of 304 Stainless Steel pressure ports and shell material this gauge can deliver 1.0% accuracy over vacuum and gauge applications. The 4 digit, large 2.7 inch display allows for the easy visibility from across the room or inside gas cabinets. Equipped with a backlight, the gauge can be read in low ambient light conditions. The DPG-2 series comes with basic embedded functions including auto Tare as well as auto power off function to conserve battery power. The IDPG 250 is available in many process fittings and pressures up to 400 bar gauge

DPG-2 Series

DPG-2 Series

(MIOF) Media Isolated Oil Filled Technology

Digital Display 2.7in, 4 Digit, Back Light Pressure Gage for Hydraulic & Pneumatic Applications


- Four Digit, 2.7in LCD Display

- Uses Standard AAA Batteries

- Auto Tare, Auto Power Off

- 304 Stainless Package

- Fast Update Rate

- IP 50 Water Ingress Rating

- Power On, Range Descriptor

- Corrosive Media Pressure Gage

Great for .....

Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pressure Monitoring

Food Processing

Gas Cabinet Process Monitor




±1.0 %FSS


±0.50 %FSS (Over 1 Year)

Battery Life

12 Months

Update Rate

120 Hz


Operating Temperature

-10 to 70 ̊C

Compensated Temperature

10 to 60 ̊C



4 Digit, 2.7in Display

Display Type



Auto Tare, Auto Shut Off

Display Illumination

BackLighted Display

Maximum Ratings

IP Rating

IP50 Dust Proof

Storage Temperature

-50 to 150C

Over Pressure

2.5x Range

Media Compatibility

Liquids & Gases compatible with 304 Stainless Steel

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions


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