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Pressure Sensor use in CPAP Machines for Sleep Therapy

Pressure sensors play a critical role in CPAP machines by monitoring the flow of a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP ). This light air pressure from a CPAP machine helps make sure your airway doesn’t close and interrupt your breathing as you sleep.

The CPAP machine has a small motor that blows air into a tube that connects to a mask that covers your nose and mouth, or in some cases just your nose.

CPAP Sensors

Sensor Functions & Design Criteria

Delta P Sensor for Oxygen Flow

-Low Differential Pressures ~ 16 inH20
-Dual Side Port (Tubing) or MM (manifold mounting)
-Extremely Small Footprint (SM95D)
-Backside entry for best media compatibility

Barometric Pressure Sensor (Mass Flow Calculation)

-Absolute Pressure Measurement, 15PSIA
-No Port , Vertical Hole configurations

Compatible Sensor for CPAP Machines

SM95D Series

MCT-4D Series

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