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AWM-7 Series

Air Flow Compensated & Amplified Analog Output

Mass Air Flow Sensor


- Resistant to Dust & Water Vapor

- Replaces AWM 3000

- Fast Response (1ms)

- 20 to 300 SLPM Ranges

- Analog Output 1- 5Vdc

- Temperature Compensated

- Sensitive to Low Flow

- 2% Interchangeability

Great for .....

Gas Leak Detection

Damper Controls

Process Control

Anchor 1-HVAC-211

About the VAV-1000

Advanced Sensors AWM 7 series of Mass Air Flow Sensors offer pin compatible upgrade solutions to the popular AWM7000 series. Using the robust Advanced Sensors Ther-mal Flow Sensor Die, and incorporating the latest microcontroller technology, AWM7 offers drastically improved interchangeability (< 2% full scale), temperature stability (< 3% full scale from 0°C to +50°C), and resistance to adverse environmental factors such as dust particles and water vapor that have plagued the AWM7000.





Response Time

1mS (Typical)


0.1 Pa


Operating Temperature

-20 to 85 ̊C

Null Drift

±0.2% FSS

Compensated Temperature

0 to 50 ̊C



1-5 Vdc


8-14 Vdc

Load Resistance

100 kΩ

Maximum Ratings

Storage Temperature

-40 to 90 C

Supply Voltage

14 Vdc

Package Integrity

25 PSI

Media Comptability

Non Ionic, Non Corrosive Gases

Model Number Configuration

CCT-4 Ordering Information_edited_edited

Mechanical Dimensions


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