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MSX 7301DI Series

Wall Mounted Ultra Low Pressure 4-20mA Transmitter with Display

MSX 7301DI Segmented Display &Transmitter for Building Control Applications


- Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter

- Six Digit Segmented Display

- Integrated Cable Gland Connection

- ABS VO Housing with IP64 Ingress Rating

- Wall Mounted Plate for Easy Installation

- Ribbed Pressure Connections for 5mm Pressure Hosing

- Low Overall Errors

-Fast Response Time

Great for .....

Fan Chiller Monitoring

Building Room Pressure Monitoring

Duct Static Pressure in Commercial Buildings

Anchor 1-HVAC-211

Advanced Sensors MSX series is a Differential Pressure Transmitter that provides a 4-20ma output in conjunction with a 6-segment visual display. The product is designed for building control applications where both the control signal and equipment output can be verified. The Multi Chip Technology (MCT) Series incorporates the latest mixed signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with an Silicon MEMS sense element producing a highly accurate and stable transmitter.




±0.5% Rdg ± 0.5FSS

Response Time

< 0.1 mS


0.1 Pa


Operating Temperature

-45 to 70 ̊C



4-20 mA

Operating Voltage

12-30 Vdc

Reverse Voltage Protection


Output Load

500 Ω

Maximum Ratings

Storage Temperature

-55 to 85 C

Supply Voltage

-24 / 36 Vdc

Over Pressure

3X Range

Model Number Configuration

CCT-4 Ordering Information_edited_edited

Mechanical Dimensions


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