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VAV-1000 Series

Digital Variable Air Volume (VAV) Sensor with Auto Zero Feature for Duct Damper Control


- High Output, 1inH20 FS

- High Stability

- Low Power Consumption

- VAV Pressure Sensor

- UL 94-V Rated

- 1/8 in. ID Pressure Ports

- Integrated Solenoid Bobbin to Auto Zero Sensor

Great for .....

Damper Control

Duct Air Flow Management Systems

Variable Air Volume

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About the VAV-1000

Advanced Sensors Digital Variable Air Volume (VAV) sensor contains an integrated Auto Zero function that deliver the ultimate stability in air duct air flow measurement. Within the transducer base is a high output 1inH2o Silicon MEMS sensor coupled with a solenoid bobbin that shunts the pressure ports when energized allowing the end user to zero the output to assure the highest stability in VAV measurement. The integrated pressure hosing is UL94V rated and allows for easily installation into air damper systems.




±0.3% FSS

Offset Drift

Negligible, Auto Zero

Valve Flow @ 1 inH20

30 ccm

Response Time

< 0.1 uS


Operating Temperature

-20 to 70 ̊C

Temperature Coefficient Sensitivity

-1800 ppm/°C

Temperature Coefficient Resistance

2800 ppm/°C

Temperature Coefficient Offset

5 uV/V/°C


Full Scale Span

20-60 mV


1.5 mA


-10 to 6 mV/V

Coil Voltage

9-12 Vdc

Maximum Ratings

Storage Temperature

-40 to 125C

Supply Voltage

< 12 Vdc


2500 Pa

Media Comptability

Non Ionic, Non Corrosive Gases

Model Number Configuration

CCT-4 Ordering Information_edited_edited

Mechanical Dimensions


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