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AVSensors Capability to Clean Sensors Products for use in Oxygen Service compliant to CGA4.1

Silicon Pressure Sensors have become increasingly popular in various applications due to their miniaturized size, low power consumption, and high sensitivity. One application that has seen a rise in MEMS sensor usage is O2 applications where the sensor assembly is monitoring the source pressure or flow of O2 . In most cases , these sensors are inherently compatible. In this blog, we will discuss why silicon MEMS sensors are suitable for oxygen service and the factors that make them compatible.

Oxygen service refers to an environment where oxygen is present, either in pure form or as a component of a gas mixture. Such environments are commonly found in industries such as healthcare, aerospace, and process industrial gas production. In these applications, it is crucial to measure the concentration of oxygen accurately, as even small deviations can result in hazardous situations.

One of the main reasons why silicon MEMS sensors are inherently compatible with oxygen service is in the sensors material composition. Silicon is an inert material that is biocompatible and chemically stable, which means it does not react with oxygen. Moreover, silicon is a semiconductor material, which means it can be easily processed using microfabrication techniques. This property allows the sensors to be fabricated with high accuracy and repeatability, which is critical for accurate measurements.

Furthermore, silicon MEMS sensors are designed to operate at low power, which is a critical requirement in oxygen service. The low power consumption results in low heat dissipation, reducing the risk of explosion or combustion in the presence of oxygen.

Silicon MEMS sensors are inherently compatible with oxygen service due to their material composition, hermetic sealing, and low power consumption. For sensors to be used in these environments they must be cleaned and packaged to CGA 4.1 guidelines. AVSensors has the capability to clean our products compliant to the CGA4.1 standard. To select this option, simply add code "-OC" to the base part number.

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