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AVSensors CHT-4AMV Series is 8 Pin replacement for MS4425 & 4426 from MSI and TE Connectivity

We are excited to announce the introduction of our CHT-4A Series Pressure Sensor, an 8 pin replacement for obsoleted MS4425 and MS4426 from MSI and TE Connectivity. Advanced Sensor Ceramic Hybrid Technology (CHT) 4A MV Series is a temperature compensated, mV output, PCB mounted pressure sensor packaged in a rugged Dual In Line package. The Ceramic Hybrid Technology uses a silicon MEMS pressure sensor bound to a ceramic substrate containing thick film resistors that are uniquely laser trimmed for each sensor. Incorporating a flexible design, the series is available with side port, top ports or manifold mounted ports and can be mounted with SMT pin, Dual in line pin or in line pin to allow OEMs to optimize their board design. The CHT-4A MV series is powered using constant voltage, the tight span control will ensure sensor field interchangeability. CHT-4A MV series superior die performance, coupled with rugged ceramic substrate ensures long term stability with superior temperature performance over wide operating range.

Some of the key features of the CHT-4MV Series Pressure Sensor include:

  • Constant Voltage, 10Vdc

  • High Output, Normalized 80mV Output

  • Single Tube Narrow & Wide Hole Configurations

  • Pressure Ranges from 5 to 150 PSI

  • InH20 Ranges 4 and 20 with 50mV Output

John Valentini, Business Development AV Sensors (


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