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AVSensors Introduces Occlusion Sensors for Medical Infusion Pumps (peristaltic) replacing Honeywell 1865 Force Sensors

AVSensors is proud to present our custom design that replaces Honeywell 1865 medical infusion pumps sensors. Individually calibrated these sensors provided a high level mV output with constant current or voltage systems. These Force Sensors incorporate a durable membrane, glass reinforced thermoplastic flanged housing, and a silicon MEMS sensor that detects occlusion pressure. These force/pressure transducers can also be used with other medical dispensing devices, such as

syringe pumps, to improve safety and accuracy.

Some of the key features of the GFLC-1865 Series Pressure Sensor include:

Replacement for Honeywell 1865
AVSensors 1865 Occlusion Force Sensor
  • High Output, 40-60 mV

  • Direct Replacement of Honeywell 1865

  • High Overload 15lbs

  • Individually Laser Trimmed & Calibrated

  • High Accuracy, Non Linearity 0.10% Typ.

  • Compatible with Cold Infusions

  • Tightly Controlled Height

John Valentini, Business Development AV Sensors (


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