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AVSensors Introduces the HVAC-211 Wall Mounted, Ultra Low Pressure Transmitter for HVAC, Clean Room

AVSensors is proud to present our latest addition to our HVAC product line: the HVAC-211 wall mounted pressure sensor. This innovative sensor is specifically designed to replicate Sensocon 211 and Ashcroft CXLdp at a lower price point. Advanced Sensors HVAC 211 Series Transmitter incorporates a rugged silicon MEMS pressure sensor that is designed to measure ultra-low differential pressures in a wall mounted package. The two wire 4-20mA loop output is ideal for locations where the supply voltage can fluctuate. A single LED identifies proper operation. The HVAC 211 has front side pressure ports and simple screw terminal for electrical connections making fast and easy installations for the HVAC professional. The wall mounted package can be fastened using 4 screws in any orientation since the MEMS sensing element has minimal position sensitivity.

Some of the key features of the HVAC-211Series Pressure Sensor include:

  • Ultra Low Pressures, 62Pa - 10Kpa

  • Wall Mounted, Loop Power Transmitter

  • Integrated Power LED

  • External Zero and Span Potentiometer for Improved Performance

  • 4-20mA Output Eliminates errors caused by supply voltage variations

  • 1/8 in. ID Pressure Ports

  • Minimal Position Sensitivity

John Valentini, Business Development AV Sensors (

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Jun 30

The HVAC-211 Wall Mounted unit is great for keeping your space comfortable and saving energy. As an HVAC Contractor, we like its modern look, simple installation, and dependable performance. It's perfect for homes or businesses, providing steady comfort with low maintenance, making your indoor space better easily.

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