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AVSensors MCT-2A Series is a direct replacement for ARES GA100 from MEAS/MSI/IC Sensors

We are excited to announce the introduction of our MCT-2A Series Pressure Sensor, a direct replacement for obsoleted GA 100 and ARES sensor from MEAS/MSI and IC Sensors. Advanced Sensors Multi Chip Technology (MCT) 2A Series incorporates the latest mixed signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with a low pressure bossed silicon MEMS sensor to provide a high level, temperature compensated transducer. Two electrical outputs ranges with bidirectional or unidirectional pressure types and 3/16in barb ports make it the ideal choice for HVAC or Air Flow measurement applications. The package offers snap tabs for attachment to PCB assemblies and can be easily soldered with only 3 electrical contacts.

Some of the key features of the MCT-2AV Series Pressure Sensor include:

  • Large Ports, Accommodating 1/8 ID Tubing

  • High Level Voltage Output

  • Integrated Snap Tabs for Easy Attachment to PCB

  • Pressure Ranges from 1 to 30 PSI

  • InH20 Pressure Ranges 1 and 30

John Valentini, Business Development AV Sensors (


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