Advanced Sensors  is a small engineering company focused on the design, manufacture and sales of silicon pressure sensors, transmitters, and transducers for the medical, industrial and consumer market.  Our focus is to deliver high quality derivative based custom pressure sensors with minimal development costs.  We can replicate most any MEMS pressure sensors with quick delivery.  We pride ourselves having excellent service and have US based technical professionals that are the single point of contact for all your needs.  AVsensors is the antithesis of multinational companies that now dominate the sensor space.

Advanced Sensor
Sales, Design and Manufacture

Contact an Advanced Sensors technical professional who will respond to your question within 24 hours. 

Advanced Sensors have many  sensor that are pin for pin compatible to those offered by Amphenol, Nova Sensors, TE Connectivity, Measurement Specialties, Silicon Microstructures and Honeywell products.   If you are looking for improved pricing, delivery, or direct access to development engineers, this is you starting point.  

Advanced Sensors offers glass bonded gage, epoxy bonded, and oil isolated technologies for industrial transmitter products.  Married with the next technology Mixed Signal ASICS these sensors support, 14 bit digital, ratiometric analog output, and traditional 4-20mA outputs.  
Advanced Sensors has a large selection of board mount sensor products . Whether digital output, high level analog, mV output compensated, or low cost uncompensated sensors; AV Sensors have the solution for any product application or market. 
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Advanced Sensors restores low cost solutions with the confidence and ability to produce any pressure sensor design on plastic, FR4, and ceramic substrates. 


Tell us about your need for a sensor solution.  We guarantee a response within 24 hrs.

AdVanced Sensors Board Mounted Pressure products are designed to the stringiest requirements for scientific and life science instrumentation.  Their rugged construction is ideal for process and vacuum instrumentation as well. With mV, high level voltage, and digital output configuration an ideal solution is easily found. 
Our extensive expertise in sensing and sensors gives you direct access to the latest technology for reliable performance, precision, affordability and easier installation

Life Science Sensors

AdVanced Sensors offers a broad array of options for wall mounted building automation products.   Our newly designed DVAV 1000 series extends our reach into air duct measurements and damper control.    AVSensors extensive expertise in sensing and pressure and flow measurements gives you direct access to the latest technology for reliable performance, precision, affordability and simple installation.