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AVSensors MCT-SM9333 Series Digital Output, Ultra Low Pressure 125 & 250 Pa Ranges, SOIC-16 Sensor

We are excited to announce the introduction of our MCT-SM9333 Series Pressure Sensor, a SOIC 16 package digital output sensor available in 125Pa and 250Pa ranges. The MCT-SM9333 Series provides a 14bit digital pressure and 11 bit digital temperature output in SPI and I2C protocols. Using our Advanced Sensors Multi Chip Technology (MCT) the latest mixed signal ASIC (Application Specific Integrated Circuit) with a ultra low pressured RTV bonded silicon gage to provide an ultra low pressure Digital Output sensor designed for medical, life science and HVAC control industries.

Some of the key features of the MCT-SM9333 Series Pressure Sensor include:

MCT-SM9333 Ultra Low Pressure Sensors
  • SOIC -16 Surface Mounted Sensors

  • Digital Pressure and Temperature Outputs

  • SPI & I2C Protocols Supported

  • Vertical Barb Ports

  • Ranges from 125Pa & 250Pa in Gage and Differential configurations

    • Low Power Configurations

John Valentini, Business Development AV Sensors (


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