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CP110 Series

Wall Mounted Ultra Low Pressure 4-20mA Transmitter

CP110 Compact Pressure Transmitter Display with Remote Monitoring


- High Resolution TFT Display

- Auto Calibration, Zero

- WIFI Configurable for Remote Monitoring

- ABS VO Housing

- Ranges ±100 / ± 1000 / ±10,000 Pa

- IP65 Rated

- Rely Output, Alarm Pressure Setpoints

- Flexible Electrical Outputs

Great for .....

Pharmaceutical Laboratory

Clean Room

Surgical Rooms

About the CP 110

Advanced Sensors Compact Pressure (CP) Series Transmitter Display is a differential pressure transmitter that incorporates a user configurable display and wide TFT screen. The devices internal auto calibration valve ensures the highest stability at low pressure values. With an ABS VO housing, barbed hosing connections and cable gland connector the rugged device can meet the most demanding IP65 environments.




±0.5% of Reading

Response Time

< 0.3 s


0.1 /1.0 / 1.0 Pa


Operating Temperature

0 to 50 ̊C



0-5 / 0-10 Vdc/ 4-20 mA

Operating Voltage

15-35 Vdc

Reverse Voltage Protection

Yes / Yes / Yes

Output Load

500 / 1.0 kΩ / 1.0 kΩ

Maximum Ratings

Storage Temperature

-20 to 75 C

Supply Voltage

-16 / 35 Vdc

Over Pressure

5 / 10 / 100 kPa

Model Number Configuration

Mechanical Dimensions

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