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Damper Control Sensors

Pressure Sensors used Damper Control Systems

Differential pressures can control the volume of air that flows through your HVAC system by providing measurements to control the damper position in a closed-control circuit. It will also enable demand-controlled ventilation. This means you can control the volume at will.

Damper Control Sensors

Sensor Functions & Design Criteria

-Differential Measurement, Pressure Range 0 ~250Pa
-UL 94-V0 Compliant
-Integrated Auto Zero for Long Term Stability

Differential Pressures for Monitoring Air Flow
Differential Pressure Sensor , Digital PCB Mounted

-Low Differential Pressures ~0 to 1inH20
-Digital Output, I2C Protocol
-SOIC 16 Top Ported Plastic Ports

Compatible Sensor for VAV Applications

SM58D Series


MSX 7301DI

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