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Oxygen Concentrators Sensors

Pressure Sensor use in Oxygen Concentrators for COPD Therapy

Pressure sensors play a key role in measuring the air flow of Oxygen Concentrators for treating COPD (COPD) a slowly progressive disease that is characterized by a decrease in the ability of the lungs to maintain the body's oxygen supply and remove carbon dioxide. As a result of this decrease in lung function, COPD patients alter their lifestyles because they become short of breath after minimal exertion. People with severe COPD who have low levels of oxygen in their blood may be treated with supplemental oxygen at home. This therapy involves breathing in oxygen through a nasal tube or mask from a metal tank cylinder or oxygen concentrator.

Oxygen Concentrators Sensors

Sensor Functions & Design Criteria

Delta P Sensor for Oxygen Flow

-Low Differential Pressures ~ 10mBar
-High Over Pressure Requirements ~ 1.5 Bar
-Dual Horizontal Barb Configuration (MCT series) or Through Board Port Down (SM5652 series)

Compatible Sensor for Oxygen Concentrators

MCT-24HRD Series

SM95D Series

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