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Unlocking Advanced Performance: Introducing the Enhanced MIOF-154 Series Pressure Sensors

Digital Output and Analog Voltage Oil Filled Sensors
Introducing the Enhanced MIOF-154 Series Pressure Sensors

In the dynamic landscape of industrial applications, precision and reliability are paramount. As industries continue to evolve, the demand for advanced performance from pressure sensors becomes increasingly crucial. In response to this need, we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our renowned MIOF-154 series, now featuring digital output and high-level analog output with 14-bit resolution. This enhancement marks a significant leap forward in sensor technology, opening doors to a myriad of new opportunities across various sectors.

The Evolution of Precision

At the heart of every industrial process lies the need for accurate pressure measurement. Whether it's monitoring critical systems in aerospace, automotive, or medical devices, precision is non-negotiable. The MIOF-154 series has long been recognized for its exceptional accuracy and reliability. With this latest advancement, we've taken precision to a whole new level.

Digital Output: Simplifying Integration

Digital output capability brings simplicity and efficiency to the integration process. With the enhanced MIOF-154 series, customers can seamlessly connect the sensor to their digital systems, eliminating the need for additional analog-to-digital converters. This streamlined integration reduces complexity and enhances overall system performance, making it an ideal choice for modern industrial applications.

High-Level Analog Output: Unrivalled Versatility

While digital output caters to the needs of modern digital systems, high-level analog output remains indispensable for many applications requiring real-time data acquisition. The 14-bit resolution of the analog output ensures unparalleled accuracy and resolution, empowering engineers to capture even the subtlest pressure variations with precision. This versatility makes the MIOF-154 series adaptable to a wide range of industrial processes, from high-speed automation to delicate instrumentation.

Embracing Innovation

Innovation is at the core of everything we do. The expansion of the MIOF-154 series exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of sensor technology. By incorporating digital output and high-level analog output, we're not just meeting industry standards; we're setting new benchmarks for performance and reliability.

Unlocking New Opportunities

The implications of this enhancement are far-reaching. Industries that rely on precise pressure measurements, such as aerospace, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing, stand to benefit significantly from the advanced capabilities of the enhanced MIOF-154 series. Whether it's optimizing fuel efficiency in automotive engines, ensuring patient safety in medical devices, or enhancing process control in manufacturing, the possibilities are endless.


Innovation never stands still, and neither do we. With the introduction of digital output and high-level analog output, the enhanced MIOF-154 series is poised to revolutionize the way pressure is measured and monitored across various industries. As we continue to push the boundaries of sensor technology, we remain committed to providing our customers with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Some of the key features of the MIOF-154CV Industrial Oil Filled Sensors:

MIOF-154CV Series Stainless Steel Industrial Sensors
  • Direct Replacement for MEAS/TE 154N Series

  • Constant Voltage Excitation

  • High Level 0.5 to 4.5Vdc Output

  • O-Ring Mounting into 0.750/19mm Bore

  • Ranges from 0 to 500PSI in Gage and Absolute

  • High Accuracy/High mV Output

  • Ribbon & Molex Electrical Connections

Some of the key features of the MIOF-154 DO Industrial Oil Filled Sensors:

MIOF-154DO Series Stainless Steel Industrial Sensors
  • Direct Replacement for MEAS/TE 85 Series

  • Constant Voltage Excitation (3.3 or 5.0 Vdc)

  • 14 Bit Digital Output

  • O-Ring Mounting into 0.750/19mm Bore

  • Ranges from 0 to 500PSI in Gage and Absolute

  • I2c OR SPI Digital Protocols

  • Ribbon & Molex Electrical Connections

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